Name ivan watkins
Date Of Birth 23/11/98
Location london, england
Age 20
Gender male
helo!! i made this bc im tired of trying to sum up all of my current interests in my twitter bio in a concise and amusing way. u can scroll down in this box its not v clear but u can

im into:
  • overwatch - faves include mercy, soldier:76, reaper (but moreso gabriel reyes), moira, ashe
  • dead by daylight - faves include david king, dwight fairfield, meg thomas
  • slasher/horror movies - faves include halloween, the saw franchise
  • hetalia (IM NOT PROUD OF THIS BUT HERE I STAND BABY!) - faves include france, england, america, canada
  • fallout (esp new vegas) - faves include arcade gannon, nick valentine, preston garvey
  • mlp:fim + mlp:eqg - faves include rarity, twilight, sunset shimmer, adagio dazzle (im not a piece of shit gross brony, i just think the show is cute, the music is rad, and i just enjoy it!! im not a clopper and i dont interact with the brony fandom at all)
  • eddsworld - faves include tord and tom

    that's... that's essentially it! if you like any of these things feel free to follow me, i tweet about all of them. i also have a smattering of personal/dumbass humour tweets every now and then.

    i don't have a byf or dnfi bc im too lazy to maintain shit like that, just uh.. just dont be a dick i guess? then we good

    thx for reading! if you have questions feel free to DM me. i love 2 talk so go ahead even if u dont have qs (im lonely)

    art credit: mimonyu @ tumblr